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A museum that belongs to all of us

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For art lovers, the once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of the late works by Rembrandt – ‘Late Rembrandt’ – is the high point of the year, and maybe of this decade. Never before in the Netherlands has there been such a major retrospective of Rembrandt’s works from the most exceptional period of his life. As the main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum and of this exhibition, KPN is proud to be making a contribution to this event.

KPN sponsors the Rijksmuseum because we feel that this authoritative museum has many things in common with our own company. Both the Rijksmuseum and KPN are committed to making it as easy as possible for people to communicate with each other, whether this is between the public and artists or simply between friends, family or business associates. The Rijksmuseum also has a long history and is firmly rooted in society. And so does KPN. The museum’s huge collection of art and historic artefacts is a part of our national pride. So much so that we feel that it belongs to all of us.

KPN is helping the Rijksmuseum to be a state-of-the-art cultural institution

As the main sponsor, KPN supports the Rijksmuseum not just financially but, perhaps even more importantly, with ICT expertise. During their guided tours, for example, the museum guides use an iPad with a customised app. And visitors can borrow an iPod that gives them additional information about the works of art they see. The Rijksmuseum’s highly praised website is also hosted by KPN and provides online access to the entire collection so that everyone can enjoy and learn from it. 
Innovative products

Less visible but at least as important is the large number of innovative products that KPN provides in the areas of telephony, data traffic and data storage. With these products, we help the Rijksmuseum realise its strategy of being an innovative state-of-the-art cultural institution for the entire world. It’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work but essential to achieving the top in the world of museums. 

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