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For the first – and probably last – time, the Rijksmuseum is presenting a big retrospective of the late works of the Netherlands’ greatest painter, Rembrandt van Rijn. That is a treat not to be missed. So the Rijksmuseum’s main sponsor, KPN, is making it possible to discover the special exhibition online. For example, you can take online guided tours given by Dutch celebrities.

In his latter years, Rembrandt experimented with graphic and painting techniques, lending his work unprecedented depth. It led to his most daring, individual and intimate work and made the latter period of his life the most distinctive, innovative and exceptional one of his whole career.

“For the first time, a new generation can become acquainted with the best work of the greatest painter our country has ever produced”

Wim Pijbes, director of the Rijksmuseum

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Discover ‘Late Rembrandt’ online

The paintings he created in this period of his life, including Self Portrait with Two Circles (Kenwood House, London), The Family Portrait (Herzog Anton Ulrich-museum, Braunschweig), Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel) and The Jewish Bride (Rijksmuseum), have defined people’s image of Rembrandt all over the world for centuries.

In ‘Late Rembrandt’, an exhibition of more than 100 paintings, drawings and prints, the Rijksmuseum is presenting an extensive overview of the master’s work between ca. 1652 and his death in 1669. The paintings and drawings come from prominent museums and private collections in Europe and the US. It is the first time that Rembrandt’s late works have been exhibited side by side.

Wim Pijbes

Discover ‘Late Rembrandt’ online. Join the guided tours given by Jort, André, Mart and Sophie.

Photo: © Herman Wouters

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